Maximize engagement. Reduce healthcare costs. Improve population wellness.


BettrLife is a technology solution that allows organizations to engaging people in healthy lifestyle decisions. Our health coaching portal features advanced planning and analytic tools that facilitate efficient population health management in a HIPAA secure environment. With iOS, Android and web applications for food and activity logging, consumers can easily track all aspects of nutritional intake and caloric burn, while organizations easily integrate with existing workflow and systems. Click the links below to learn what BettrLife can do for you.

HealthCareProvider2_100pxBettrLife for Healthcare Providers

Management of chronic conditions in a HIPAA secure environment.
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HealthPlans2_100pxBettrLife for Fitness

Advanced nutrition and activity logging tools for your health club.
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HealthAndWellness2_100pxBettrLife for Wellness

Improves engagement with existing wellness initiatives.
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BettrLife for Dietitians

Facilitates increased client workload with better outcomes.
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HealthPlans2_100pxBettrLife for Health Plans

Empower your members to improve their health while reducing their premiums.
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