BettrLife is a unique technology solution that enables healthcare providers to engage their patients to take control of their own health and wellness through a comprehensive suite of food, nutrition and activity tracking tools that facilitate patient engagement and lead to long-term healthy lifestyle changes within their population.

Innovations in technology have the ability to revolutionize healthcare delivery and coordination of care by empowering patients to more participatory in their health and healthcare. The BettrLife platform is built around SMART logging, an integral component of our prescriptive nutritional logging that creates simplicity within the solution and promotes user engagement by intuitively suggesting foods that are eaten most often. Foods are then able to be logged with one simple click.

BettrLife also provides a robust back end that features a virtual HealthCoach to enhance user connectivity and the sharing of real-time information to better promote, incentivize and support patient’s decisions while using BettrLife. Long-term behavior modification is enhanced through technology and the use of mobile applications. BettrLife's HealthCoach platform keeps providers focused on their patients by sending reminders specific to their condition, thus allowing them to better manage their populations.

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