holiday overeatingAvoid holiday overeating and the guilt that comes with it in two easy steps:

1. Planning ahead for the high calorie food settings
2. Adding extra exercise sessions, pre and post, “big food”days, ie Thanksgiving.

We all enjoy this time of year but when focused on health and wellness, can be nervous about overeating. It really helps to plan ahead and get some strategies in mind to make sure you don’t overeat, then practice these strategies before the holidays arrive. A few strategy suggestions include: limiting yourself to 1 alcoholic beverage and 1 serving of dessert (so you don’t feel deprived); avoiding extra calories from appetizers, before the main meal; sipping mineral water with lemon or lime or a low calorie, non- alcoholic beverages such as diet sodas before the main meal; and “taking it easy” with the extra calories from added fats such as butter, margarine, gravies, sauces, and salad dressings, during the meal.

Also, extra exercise sessions before and after the special holiday, will always help with calorie burning and being fit. The more physically active you are during the holidays, the more likely you will be to stay focused on your health and wellness goals and not overeat, either.

So, plan ahead, keep moving and enjoy the season!

Joan Tompkins
MS, RD, LD & ServSafe Certification
BettrLife Staff RD

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