An obese patient with a family history of heart disease engaged a physician support group to help her lose weight. Motivated by the fear that she might not live long enough to raise her 11-year-old son, she agreed to a pilot program at the weight loss clinic utilizing the BettrLife platform.

-Lost 143 lbs in 15 months under medical supervision
-Significantly improved blood pressure
-Reduced cholesterol
-Reduced A1C
-Eliminated 3 medications
-No further need to test blood sugars
-Increased walking distance from ¼ mile to completing 17 (5k-10k) races

How BettrLife Helped

The patient was able to view her nutrition goals on her mobile app. The application enabled her to have structure with eating. It gave her the ability to plan menu items, populating a digital shopping list within her BettrLife app. She purchased items at the supermarket from her digital list, which were then available to select on her log making her food logging simple and easy. As she logged food throughout the day, the BettrLife app let her know if she was on track to meet her goals using emoji. A green smiley face indicated she was doing well, whereas a yellow frown showed her the nutrition goals she wasn’t meeting.

The physician was able to remotely view what she was logging in real-time through the Health Coach Portal. The physician sent secure messages through the platform, letting her know where adjustments could be made to her diet and activity. Alerts could be set by the coaches to help them manage large populations.