National Health IT Week – Win a FitBit

This week, September 16 – 20 is National Health Information Technology week. The eighth annual event, organized by HIMSS, celebrates the value of information technology in the healthcare industry. In addition to promoting national health IT week online, through social media, and a number of public relations campaigns, the HIMSS 12th Annual Policy Summit will take […]

Tracking your fitness with technology

As mobile applications for fitness have becoming mainstream, developers continue to look for ways to make interaction with both the mobile device, and application easier. One way to increase user engagement is to automatically track data and send it to the mobile application.  A host of devices have sprung up that track personal metrics and […]

Finding Time To Get In A Workout Everyday

Oftentimes, the hardest part of a workout is motivating yourself to actually workout. It’s easy to come up with 50 excuses why you can’t workout for the day, and the number one excuse is probably that you just don’t have enough time in the day. This is not an uncommon problem, so if you take […]

Strength Training to Prevent Work Out Injuries

Although there are countless benefits to working out on a regular basis, there can be some drawbacks as well, especially if you tend to do high-impact exercises. Working out can be hard on your joints and other parts of your body because there is so much force being placed on them when doing activities such […]