Google Fit vs Apple Healthkit

BettrLife features mobile health applications for both iPhone and Android. With the recent launches of both Google Fit and Apple Healthkit we’re excited to see both platforms put health and fitness front and center in their development priorities. The below infographic was recently featured on and does a great job displaying Google Fit vs Apple […]

Infographic: Online Health Data Sharing

Consumer are ready to share their private health data – or at least that’s what a recent  Makovsky Health/Kelton Survey revealed. Individuals are willing to part with their personal information if it is used anonymously by researchers. Of the 80% of consumers that said they would be willing to use a wearable activity tracking device, only […]

Infographic: HIMSS 2014 Conference

Great inforgraphic from the HIT Consultant about all the #HIMSSanity that’s happening next month at the HIMSS 2014 Conference in Orlando. We’re pretty pumped to be exhibiting in both The Intelligent Hospital and the Intelligent Medical Home. The self-guided tours of each will allow visitors to see innovative virtual health coach platform in action from both […]

Infographic: mHealth Growth

mHealth growth continues at a fervent pace, exceeding estimates. Not only are consumers rapidly adopting for the ease and mobility, but so are healthcare providers. Although there has been mHealth growth of clinical applications focused on specific diseases or condition management, basic health and wellness remain the most popular applications. There have been 50 million […]