Infographic: Clinical Mobility

Clinical mobility is changing how healthcare providers interact with patients. mHealth (mobile health care) is allowing physicians and other providers direct access to patients and their data in real time.  This allows for better patient engagement, higher quality care, and improved outcomes. According to this infographic on clinical mobility, 81% of healthcare organizations are already […]

Infographic: Connected Health Care Industry

This infographic from Jabil presents some stark facts about the cost of US healthcare as compared to other developed countries. Despite the our current inefficiencies, there are opportunities for improvement. By creating an interconnected ecosystem where healthcare data can be shared and accessed via multiple points, consumers, providers, and health plans can be better served […]

Infographic: 12 Reasons to Activate mHealth Now

Although this infographic represents data sampled from the EU, it mirrors many findings of studies published about US consumers and our healthcare industry. Populations are aging, and disease states like diabetes are increasing. This is leading to increased healthcare expenditures, and shortages of providers. While mHealth isn’t a silver lining that will solve all problems, […]

Infographic: The Impact of Quantified Self Tracking

This is a great infographic produced by Pathfinder Software, with data from the Pew Research Center, that highlights how different populations are tracking their health data. Although the majority of consumers are still tracking in their heads, those using technology such as smart phones and web applications is growing. Individuals with multiple chronic conditions are […]

Social Media Healthcare

This is another great infographic depicting the importance of social media healthcare. Not only does social media allow for quick dissemination of information from caregivers to patients, it can actually build support communities among those same individuals. Many online groups have helped patients with chronic conditions and diseases find peer support, answers to questions, and an outlet to share […]