mHealth Devices and EHRs are creating greater Patient Engagement

This week we held the first of our webinars on “The Role of mHealth in Patient Engagement” (the originally scheduled webinar for June 24th has been postponed until a later today).  In the webinar, we discussed how mobile health care technology like fitness activity trackers are becoming a critical part of patient/provider engagement. With recent […]

Infographic: Online Health Data Sharing

Consumer are ready to share their private health data – or at least that’s what a recent  Makovsky Health/Kelton Survey revealed. Individuals are willing to part with their personal information if it is used anonymously by researchers. Of the 80% of consumers that said they would be willing to use a wearable activity tracking device, only […]

HIMSS 2014 Intelligent Medical Home

It has been over a month since we saw many of you at the HIMSS 2014 Conference in Orlando, Florida. As part of the Intelligent Medical Pavilion, BettrLife was able to display our patient engagement health coaching platform in a ‘real world’ environment. In addition to the Intelligent Medical Hospital which technology in a hospital […]

What is a Certified Health Coach

In past we’ve defined what is mhealth and what is health coaching. But who chooses to work as a health coach? And what is a CHC or Certified Health Coach? Basically, health coaches have a variety of educational and professional experiences, and a special interest in health and wellness. Many coaches are also dietitians, nurses, social […]

Intelligent Hospital Pavilion HIMSS 2014

BettrLife is excited to be part of the Intelligent Hospital Pavilion at HIMSS 2014! The Intelligent Hospital Pavilion is one of the most exciting aspects to the HIMSS 2014 Conference later this month in Orlando, Florida.  This exhibit features a ‘real’ hospital and ‘real’ home with actors who will demonstrate innovative healthcare technology in its […]