mHealth, HIPAA and Patient Security

More and more, health care clinics and organizations are taking advantage of new mHealth technologies. In the last two and a half years, mHealth apps have continued to grow and now reach over 100,000 different applications; however, with an increase in technology comes an increase in fear of security. Patient information is incredibly delicate and must handled with […]

Mobile Technology for Physicians

Doctors are continuing to use tablets at the point of care, but they still don’t have an effective way to switch between applications. Often times, doctors are switching between multiple applications during one patient’s session while still trying to keep track of the patient’s medical record, and this takes time away from the patient-to-doctor interaction. […]

Patient Engagement with mHealth Apps

At last week’s mHealth Summit held at the Gaylord National Resort, the director of Partners HealthCare’s Center for Connected health, Joseph Kveder, questioned whether or not 2015 would be the breakout year for digital health. Kveder is certainly still a proponent of the beneficial differences mHealth can make for patients and healthcare providers, but he brings ups  few […]

Can mHealth Improve Diabetes Care?

While instances of diabetes continue to rise, mobile health is making a difference in the lives of diabetics. In a study conducted over 6 months at the University of Chicago Medical Center, participants saw an improvement in a number of areas of self care including medication adherence, glucose monitoring, foot care, exercise and healthy eating when […]