New Activity Tracking Devices from Sony, Asus and Garmin

Lost in all the hype leading up to the launch of Apple’s iWatch yesterday were some announcements this month from other activity tracking device makers.  Sony, Asus, and Garmin all introduced new wearables.  Here’s a quick look at the three activity tracking devices and how they stack up: The Garmin Vivosmart is the newest activity tracker of […]

Physician and Patient Engagement

Hospitals, private practices, health plans – everyone is trying to figure out how to provide better engagement between patients and physicians. The rise of the mhealth and telehealth industries has pushed interaction beyond the four walls for the clinic so individuals can interact with their care provider in the comfort of their own home. The […]

HIMSS 2014 Intelligent Medical Home

It has been over a month since we saw many of you at the HIMSS 2014 Conference in Orlando, Florida. As part of the Intelligent Medical Pavilion, BettrLife was able to display our patient engagement health coaching platform in a ‘real world’ environment. In addition to the Intelligent Medical Hospital which technology in a hospital […]

Infographic: HIMSS 2014 Conference

Great inforgraphic from the HIT Consultant about all the #HIMSSanity that’s happening next month at the HIMSS 2014 Conference in Orlando. We’re pretty pumped to be exhibiting in both The Intelligent Hospital and the Intelligent Medical Home. The self-guided tours of each will allow visitors to see innovative virtual health coach platform in action from both […]

BettrLife CTO Davin Hills discusses broadband access and BettrLife

Davin Hills, CTO of BettrLife, was recently interviewed by Faces of Innovation, a project of Broadband for America. He discussed broadband access and how it has helped with the growth of BettrLife. Since BettrLife’s virtual health coaching platform is cloud based, high speed internet access is critical. Although data is continuously synced, our mobile health […]