Wellness Incentive Programs – "the carrot"

With health insurance premiums on a seemingly exponential rise, employers have increasingly looked for ways to reduce their exposure and overall cost. One way to decrease the premium cost is to increase the population of healthy employees. Short of employers only hiring 20-something athletes, one way to increase the health an employee base is to create […]

Healthy Foods ARE Affordable!

The USDA has conducted a study that seemingly disproves the common perception that healthy foods are more expensive than unhealthy foods. They analyzed over 4000 different healthy and unhealthy foods to come to this conclusion, so there does seem to be a good amount evidence to support their claim. In the past, healthy and unhealthy […]

Healthy Shopping Methods

  This article by Reader’s Digest offers 25 tips to healthy shopping at the grocery store, and these 25 tips can be lumped into three categories to make them easier to remember.   The first category focuses on labels. It is important to look at the label before just absentmindedly dropping an item into your […]