health-coachWelcome to the Coach’s Corner!  Currently, “health coaching” and “mHealth” are the buzzwords in the health and wellness industry. For this inaugural issue of the BettrLife newsletter, we are going to focus on health coaching and how a health coach can be beneficial in helping an individual or an organization meet their wellness goals. We’ll discuss mHealth and mobile health and wellness in an upcoming editions.

Exactly, what is health coaching? The term can be somewhat ambiguous, but health coaches assist clients with achieving their health and wellness target(s), through ongoing communication and collaboration. Clients set the tone for involvement and adjustments are made, as needed, to the wellness plan(s) of action, and coaches guide clients toward successful outcomes for improved health and wellness for the future!.

At BettrLife, the health coaching platform allows coaches to easily communicate with the clients by:

  • Sending regular messaging and emails
  • Making suggestions about meals, snacks, recipes and, exercise regimens
  • Reviewing food and exercise logs and making recommendations
  • Creating and updating grocery shopping lists

Special diet meal plans are also available within BettrLife for health coaches to “push out” to their clients, af needed.  These plans are created based on the needs of the client and include plans for weight loss as well as management of chronic diseases.

The BettrLife coaching platform is flexible, fast and user-friendly for both health coaches and their clients!

Joan Tompkins, MS, RDN, LD
BettrLife Registered Dietitian


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