food logging free trialFood and Activity Logging Done Right.

We’ve re-imagined food and activity logging to make it quick and convenient. Our mobile applications for Android and iPhone automatically sync to our web interface so you can access data wherever you are. Additional features include:

  • ‘Smart’ Logging learns your meal patterns, and automatically suggest foods and pairings based on what you eat most
  • Easily scan items to log and see detailed nutritional information
  • Search thousands of recipes or create your own, and get instant nutritional analysis
  • Log menu items from hundreds of your favorite restaurants at the touch of a button
  • Set nutritional preferences to automatically flag specific allergies or dietary restrictions

health-coachReady to give BettrLife a try?

Right now we’re offering a FREE 8-week trial of BettrLife’s food and activity logging features, with monitoring by our Registered Dietitian. Using BettrLife’s detailed nutrition database, you can easily track everything you eat, ensuring the right foods are going in to your body and you take the first steps towards losing weight and living a better life!

We’ll enter you in to  a drawing for a $100 Visa Gift Card if you log at least 70% of meals and track your weight loss through the trial!

Trial starts on October 1st, so register now!