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Recently, we talked about health coaches and partnering with clients for goal achievement. This leads to the question of exactly how a health coach works with a client to achieve their individualized wellness targets. Basically, the coach and client work together via mhealth and wellness tools, such as BettrLife. For example, let’s say a client chooses to lose 20# in 3 months. The client then logs his food/ exercise activities. Together, the coach and client review the client’s logs and decide on changes the client could make to facilitate weight loss. They communicate on a frequent basis, via the BettrLife health coaching portal and messaging feature. Three months later (or even sooner), the client reaches their 20# weight loss goal. Together, as a team, and through the BettrLife platform, the health coach and client, have produced a successful wellness outcome!

Health coaches are just like coaches in sports….working together with clients, to identify patterns, make periodic , necessary adjustments, and reach established goals with positive outcomes. Tools, such as BettrLife, facilitate this process. Health coaches come from a variety of professional backgrounds and experiences, and using mhealth and wellness tools, such as Bettrlife, partner with clients and groups to achieve health targets.

Overall, it is teamwork, coach + client(s) + mhealth (BettrLife) to equal improved health and success!

Joan Tompkins
MS, RD, LD & ServSafe Certification
BettrLife Staff RD

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