Nothing says “fall” like pumpkin.  Besides being an automatic, “ easy to carve”  jack-o-lantern,  pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber, potassium,  and, Vitamins A  and C.   Pumpkin is low in calories too. And, don’t forget about the pumpkin seeds.  Pumpkin seeds are easily dried,  are a  crunchy  healthy snack,  and, high in protein, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids.

As a health coach using BettrLife, instead of just informing your clients about the health benefits of pumpkin, you could easily show how to use more pumpkin in meal plans. You would do this by assigning pumpkin recipes to clients, checking their pantries to see what ingredients are already available, and summarizing missing recipe ingredients on their shopping lists.  You could also discuss how the recipes “fit” into their meal plans and track the calorie contents of the average serving of each recipe item.

Whether with pumpkin recipes, or other recipes, in the fall or any time of year,  using  BettrLife  makes health coaching and eating healthy, as easy, timely and effective as possible!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Joan Tompkins
MS, RD, LD & ServSafe Certification
BettrLife Staff RD

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