Help your members take an active role in their own health and wellness with BettrLife’s patient engagement platform. Our mobile and web based solution provides tools that allow your members to be proactive about their own health. With features including meal planning, food and activity logging, recipes searches, a nutrition analyzer more, BettrLife's intuitive interface allows for a customized experience that becomes an every day routine.


With nearly 80% of chronic conditions related to lifestyle choices, consumers need access to better information. BettrLife is an innovative mobile wellness solution that puts the power to drive lifestyle change in the palm of your member’s hands. In addition to encouraging healthier choices through nutrition, food, and activity activity logging, BettrLife provides direct monitoring and engagement with health coaches that assist with chronic disease management and provide individualized engagement with members.

  • 62% of workers believe workplace wellness activities are successful in improving health and reducing health risks, up from 55% in 2011.


To ensure long term adoption and success of meal and activity plans, BettrLife™’s proprietary HealthCoach Dashboard allows for customized patient engagement. Designated Health Coaches can advise and interact with multiple users by pushing custom meal plans, personal messaging, and more. Consumer data can then be shared with back with the health coaches for advisement, mentoring, and encouragement. Health coaches can easily view individual or group metrics to confirm participants are meeting their goals.

To learn more about enhancing the relationship with your members through the BettrLife mobile wellness solution, request a demo.

  • 35% of U.S.-based firms surveyed measured their workplace wellness programs for specific health outcomes

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