HIPAA-square-logoMore and more, health care clinics and organizations are taking advantage of new mHealth technologies. In the last two and a half years, mHealth apps have continued to grow and now reach over 100,000 different applications; however, with an increase in technology comes an increase in fear of security. Patient information is incredibly delicate and must handled with the utmost care, just like a patient’s condition. To date, one-third of health care professionals report that mobile health care applications would improve their abilities to provide better healthcare to their patients.

One of the main concerns with mHealth advancements is that health care organizations are not yet supporting mHealth technologies. Many professionals report that health care organizations are too restrictive, and don’t provide the necessary support the professionals need to better interact with applications and patients alike. Health care organizations are most concerned with the security of patient’s information, and properly so. Despite the fear of security, though, 69% of health care clinicians report using mobile technologies to access patient information. This popularity proves that health care organizations must consider the reviewing of mHealth application security an utmost priority for 2015 and the years following.

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