Web- and mobile-based healthcare tools will help provide personalized care for patients

DES MOINES, Iowa – May 12, 2014 – BettrLife, a leader in health and wellness technology, announced that it has been selected by individualized medicine pioneer, n1Health, to implement its innovative mobile- and web-based activity and nutrition toolset, along with its HealthCoach dashboard. The use of the BettrLife platform will allow n1Health physicians to provide interactive care to patients outside the walls of the clinic.

The bi-directional patient engagement platform provides tools to educate and assist patients with daily food, nutrition and activity decisions, ultimately leading to improved clinical outcomes and better long-term health. BettrLife’s prescriptive meal plans will allow n1Health to efficiently manage individuals or groups of patients based on chronic conditions, disease states, or lifestyle preferences, further enhancing patient relationships and providing individualized care.

“n1Health believes strongly in helping people enact behavioral change whenever possible to both treat and prevent disease,” said n1Health Co-Founder, Tom Blue. “We chose BettrLife because the advanced tools facilitate rapid adoption and adherence to healthy lifestyle choices. Beyond the nutritional app functionality, BettrLife serves as a real-time communications platform, allowing us to connect directly with our patients to provide motivation, encouragement and prescriptive meal and activity plans.”

“As a leader in concierge medicine, n1Health understands the importance of personalizing care for its patients,” said BettrLife CEO, Don Schoen. “We’re excited to help n1Health’s physicians enhance their level of care, while improving patient satisfaction. Our patient engagement tools will provide n1Health patients with customized nutritional and fitness content, while helping them manage their specific health challenges.”

About BettrLife

BettrLife is a unique technology solution that enables healthcare providers to engage their patients to take control of their own health and wellness through an integrated suite of food, nutrition and activity tracking tools. This interaction facilitates patient engagement and leads to long-term healthy lifestyle changes within their populations. BettrLife’s clinical applications are designed to facilitate both the management of chronic conditions and healthy lifestyle goals. Its cross-platform technology allows for cloud data to be accessed via iOS, Android or web-enabled devices. For more information, visit www.BettrLife.com and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

About n1Health

n1Health LLC is a Richmond, Virginia based firm that makes active investments in partnerships with physicians to modernize their practices and the way in which they bring value to their communities. The company believes that the American health care system is evolving in a way that serves neither the interests of providers nor the true payers for health care (patients and employers). n1Health enables patients to engage in relationships with their doctors without fully relying on health insurance to dictate the pace and scope of their care.

By assisting doctors in changing their business models, the company enables them to transform their care delivery model to focus on the underlying causes of disease.


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