Lost in all the hype leading up to the launch of Apple’s iWatch yesterday were some announcements this month from other activity tracking device makers.  Sony, Asus, and Garmin all introduced new wearables.  Here’s a quick look at the three activity tracking devices and how they stack up:

Garmin-Vivosmart1The Garmin Vivosmart is the newest activity tracker of three that was released last week. Like many products in this category it can track your steps, heart-rate, calories burned and time workouts.  It also features a hidden OLED display that ‘wakes up’ when you double tap on it, is waterproof up to 50 meters, and can track sleep patterns.    The Vivosmart includes features like many new smart watches (Samsung, Apple) by syncing with your mobile device to notify users of calls, texts, calendar reminders, and emails that are received on their smartphone. The device is available for pre-orders (November ship date) and priced at $170.

ASUS-ZenWatch-01ASUS announced their first wearable device, the ASUS ZenWatch. This devices is designed for comfort and style, featuring a stitched-leather strap and quick-release clasp with a curved glass screen. The devices runs Andoird Wear and through its companion app, Asus ZenUI, can help users set fitness goals and track progress (including steps, calories, etc). This device looks and functions more like a watch first, and an activity tracker second. It is a little more expensive at $260.

SmartBand-Talk-SWR30-blackAs an activity tracking device, the Sony Smartband Talk holds its own, monitoring heart-rate, steps and sleep. The device will work closely with Sony’s LifeLog app that was introduced at the CES show earlier this year. Unlike the other two activity tracking devices, Sony’s Smartband Talk can actually receive and make calls via a cell phone from the device due to the speaker and microphone embedded to it. The Sony Smartband Talk includes an e-paper screen, making it more comfortable to read.   Cost is expected to be over $200.

These devices are bridging the activity tracking device world (dominated by FitBit and Jawbone) and the Smartwatch world (dominated by Samsung and – soon enough – Apple).