Hospitals, private practices, health plans – everyone is trying to figure out how to provide better engagement between patients and physicians. The rise of the mhealth and telehealth industries has pushed interaction beyond the four walls for the clinic so individuals can interact with their care provider in the comfort of their own home. The real question is once these mechanisms are in place, are they effective.

Recent studies are indicating that mobile tools in particular can be effective for improving individual outcomes. By giving physicians access to patient data in real time, they can better advise and modify specific courses of treatment, activity levels, and nutrition plans to meet specific patient needs. Patients on the other hand have access to data whereever they are from a device they already are comfortable using – their mobile phone.

BettrLife includes tools to facilitate meaningful interaction and can report measurable results. We’ll soon be launching our comprehensive new activity planning features which will allow an even great detail of interaction. Below are a few articles highlighting successes the importance physician and patient engagement.