Complete Nutrition Solution

BettrLife is more than just a fitness tracking application – we offer a complete solution for nutrition and activity coaching that leads individuals to healthier lifestyle behaviors.

Users get on-demand access to our mobile and web-based tools for meal planning, food logging, and nutritional analysis. Dietitians and health care professionals get an interactive dashboard to coach users through custom meal and activity plans, monitor compliance, and facilitate long-lasting healthy behavior changes. We’ve even built in many popular meal plans and diets for you to use with clients – or you can easily create your own!


Image-PlaceholderWeight Loss and Healthy Living

By understanding the nutritional content of individual food items, recipes, meals, and even restaurant menus, your clients can make more informed decisions about what they eat. With BettrLife a user can monitor not just caloric intake and burn, but also 23 individual micro/macro nutrients and how they impact specific health goals, like weight-loss. Powerful user features include:

  • Customized meal and activity plans from designated health coaches
  • Interaction within groups for peer support
  • Personal dashboard to monitor progress towards specified goals
  • Select custom allergy and dietary preferences
  • ‘Smart’ logging of food learns user patters and suggests common meals and food pairing

Integration with activity and bio-metric tracking devices


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Health Coaching Done Right

At the core of BettrLife’s platform is a health coaching dashboard where you can engage directly with clients. You can monitor progress of populations and push out customized meal and activity plans directly to individuals, or groups of users. You can improve client outcomes with BettrLife:

  • Customize user groups based on chronic conditions, dietary preferences, or other criteria
  • Develop custom meal plans using our extensive nutritional database of food, recipes and restaurants
  • Two-way secure messaging for feedback on specific food and activity choices
  • Reporting capabilities that allow for easy monitoring of compliance and progress