Image-PlaceholderTools for Employee Wellness

BettrLife is the final piece to your company’s wellness puzzle. Our tools for nutrition, food and activity logging empower your employees to make healthier decisions while easily tracking progress. In addition to powerful self-engagement tools, BettrLife features a fully connected digital health portal for coaches to engage with your staff.

Behavior Change for Improved Results

At BettrLife, we have a solution that improves both the employee’s wellness, and the employer’s bottom line. By giving employees tools to manage their own health and wellness, BettrLife actively engages users to make positive lifestyle changes.


Employee Tools

  • Real-time, simplified logging of food and activity
  • Set goals, then record and monitor individual progress
  • Interact within teams and compete in “challenges” to achieve goals
  • Mobile technology for anytime, anywhere access

Employer Tools

  • Can work with existing programs and technology or operate as a separate wellness platform
  • Secure two-way messaging to offer encouragement, while offering recipes and meal plans for employees
  • Tools to segment, manage, and report on usage for large employee populations

Image-PlaceholderMeasure Outcomes, Save Money

BettrLife is more than just another mobile logging app. Our system features a dashboard where health coaches can engage employees through customized meal planning, group activity planning, and secure two-way messaging. You can easily monitor progress and even use in conjunction with existing incentive plans to enhance compliance. Data is reported on both the individual level, or by pre-determined ‘teams’ grouped by department, disease state, or dietary preferences.

Our reporting capabilities provide quantifiable feedback on your wellness program’s success. Not only are your employees healthier, but you have data in hand that could help lower your health insurance premiums.

Circle_Plus Improved data to support health and wellness initiatives

Circle_UpArrow Increase employee engagement with wellness tools on their mobile device

Circle_DownArrow Lower premium costs as your overall healthcare spend decreases

Circle_Gears Control healthcare cost through risk management and prevention