Image-PlaceholderEngage with your Members

Your members want lower premiums, and you want healthier members. BettrLife’s innovative mobile wellness solution puts the power to drive lifestyle change in the palm of your member’s hands. In addition to encouraging healthier choices through nutrition, food, and activity logging, BettrLife provides direct engagement with designated health coaches through our adviser portal to monitor progress and compliance. Coaches can develop custom nutrition focused meal plans that are pushed out to individuals or population groups. This approach allows for proactive management of chronic disease states and gives you a better understanding of your healthiest and least healthy members.


For Members

  • On-demand access to meal and activity plans from mobile and web enabled devices
  • Simplified logging that learns eating patterns and preferences
  • Interact within groups and compete in “challenges” to achieve goals
  • Monitor lifestyle preferences, allergies, and chronic health conditions

For Health Plans

  • A comprehensive health and wellness tool that delivers real-time analytics on compliance and progress
  • Direct engagement with plan participants provides you a complete view of your members
  • Modular platform to complement existing technology or can be implemented as a stand-alone platform
  • White-labeling allows for enhanced branding to your membership

Image-PlaceholderReduce Population Risk Factors

BettrLife’s application can help high risk populations by proactively managing chronic conditions. We facilitate guided behavior change for individual members through community interaction and personalized health coaching.

BettrLife even integrates with many of the top fitness and biometric devices on the market today. Our development team can sync data with these popular devices, or almost any other system you currently use.


BettrLife is a cost efficient solution that can help reduce chronic conditions and improve member wellness. Click the button below to learn more about how you can save money while engaging your membership.