Complete Your Wellness Solution

BettrLife is more than just another fitness app – we are a complete solution for nutrition and activity behavioral modification. Our advanced tools for meal planning, food logging, and nutritional analysis ensure that your clients are able to better track what goes into their body, while giving you access to compliance and progress results.

BettrLife can enhance your existing health, wellness or fitness programs by giving consumers an intuitive interface for simple planning and logging.  And with our white-labeling and data integration options, your customers get a seamless user experience with existing programs and technology.


A BettrLife is a Healthy Life

BettrLife’s application guides users to a healthy lifestyle by showing them how to make better decisions related to nutrition and activity. BettrLife facilitates a simple and convenient approach to wellness through:

  • On-demand access to nutrition and activity plans
  • Interaction within groups to compete in ‘challenges’ and achieve goals
  • Mobile and web-based technology that allows anytime, anywhere access
  • Ability to receive personalized coaching from a designated health coach

BettrLife’s ‘smart’ logging takes the complexity out of food and activity tracking

  • Learns individual food consumption patterns
  • Suggests common meal and recipe pairings
  • Shows individual progress on a personalized dashboard
  • Integrates with many popular fitness devices



Health Coaching Done Right

At the core of BettrLife’s platform is a dashboard where health coaches can directly engage users to efficiently promote behavioral change. Your team can monitor all progress and push out customized meal and activity plans to individuals, or groups of users. Our tool set can help you improve health outcomes through:

  • Customize user groups based on chronic conditions, dietary preferences, or other criteria
  • Develop custom meal plans using our extensive nutritional database of food, recipes and restaurants
  • Two-way secure messaging between coaches and users
  • Reporting capabilities allow you to easily monitor progress or non-compliance
  • Data can be easily exported or shared with existing systems