Image-PlaceholderCreate Efficiency Through Patient Engagement

BettrLife is the next step in connected, patient health care that provides greater accountability and access to performance metrics. This transition requires healthcare providers to engage their patients to become active participants in their own health. Our integrated tools can proactively improve care coordination and health outcomes while reducing costs.

Technology To Improve Communication and Outcomes
Our innovative HealthCoach Dashboard is a portal that expands the delivery of care outside the four walls of the clinic. By connecting a designated care provider or health coach with patients, BettrLife allows for direct engagement to monitor and provide feedback on specific meal and activity plans.



Patient Tools

  • Real-time, simplified logging of food and activity
  • Analysis of nutritional content for any food, recipe or meal
  • On-demand access to customized food plans that meet lifestyle preferences
  • Mobile technology for anytime, anywhere access
  • Direct coaching from care providers


Provider Tools

  • Remote health coaching to advise, plan and monitor patients’ nutrition and activity choices
  • Secure two-way messaging for enhanced communication (HIPAA compliant)
  • Management of patient groups based on condition, allergy, health outcomes or other criteria
  • Complements existing EHRs with optional integration to systems

Image-PlaceholderBettrLife is adaptive and works with your current systems

  • Modular Design — Operates independently or in conjunction with your EHR. Our developers can create customized, secure data transfer to your patient systems.
  • Device integration — Open application interfaces allow for data synchronization from medical devices and activity trackers, helping patients easily monitor biometrics:


  • Interactive collaboration — Integrates into established workflow by communicating with patients and monitoring their lifestyle and environment outside the office visit through population management and HIPAA-compliant messaging.
  • Patient engagement — Our ‘smart’ logging technology utilizes computer learning to understand individual consumption patterns making it easy and convergent to quickly log a full day’s food and activity

BettrLife improves patient care while reducing costs:

Circle_Plus Create actionable lifestyle change through health coaching

Circle_UpArrow Increased patient accountability, engagement and compliance

Circle_DownArrow Lower readmission rates with efficient patient monitoring

Circle_Gears Manage chronic conditions and unhealthy patient lifestyles