Chronic disease management accounts for the majority of the healthcare spend in the United States today. BettrLife’s unique technology solution enables healthcare providers to enhance patient care by putting the power of prevention in the palm of their hands. Our integrated lifestyle management platform includes a comprehensive suite of food, nutrition and activity tracking tools designed to increase patient adherence while improving overall care. Together these elements become the driving force behind empowering your patients to manage their own health and wellness.


BettrLife allows you to provide care beyond the clinic's walls. Our virtual health coaching platform shifts your focus from reactive to preventative care, while allowing you to directly engage patients anytime/anywhere via our HealthCoach Dashboard. The HealthCoach Dashboard is BettrLife’s proprietary adviser portal that allows designated health coaches to advise and interact efficiently with multiple users through our mobile applications or web interface. Personal data can be shared with health coaches for advisement, mentoring, and encouragement which further increases patient engagement. The platform's messaging system even allows health coaches to message individual users and create custom meal plans, send specific diet and recipe suggestions, and ultimately increase patient accountability,

  • By 2015, 500 million smartphone users are expected to be using medical apps


Your patients are on the move, so they need a solution that easily integrates into their daily lives. Our cloud based platform syncs with any mobile or web enabled device. Mobile health care applications are increasingly the tool of choice for enabling patients to take an active role in their level of health and wellness. BettrLife's clinical approach to nutrition, food, and activity tracking that enables healthcare providers to take an active role in engaging their patients individually or as a group. This can not only reduce readmissions, but also increase your brand awareness and patient loyalty.

  • Stanford University medical blog concluded, “Remote weight loss interventions, such as online or phone counseling health coaches, are as equally effective as programs requiring face-to-face contact"

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