Although there are countless benefits to working out on a regular basis, there can be some drawbacks as well, especially if you tend to do high-impact exercises. Working out can be hard on your joints and other parts of your body because there is so much force being placed on them when doing activities such as running, jumping and twisting. Now this doesn’t mean you should stop working out just to protect your joints, in fact, you can actually use working out to protect your joints through appropriate strength training. In the link to the video below, Dr. Jordan Metzl talks with Natalie Morales from the Today Show about an exercise class he teaches called the “Iron Strength Work Out” where he leads people in building muscle strength to protect their joints. Building muscle strength is key in protecting yourself form injuries caused from exercise because strong muscles help support joints and bones.

Dr. Metzl also gives some additional advice on how to work out more effectively. He mentions that goal setting, drinking a cup or two of coffee to rev up your muscles, and doing a light warm up rather then stretching cold are helpful pre-exercise methods. And one exercise in particular that he uses in his “Iron Strength Work Out” is the Burpee, which involves squats, push-ups, and jumps. This exercise kills a few birds with one stone by targeting several muscle groups at once. The main thing to take away from this video, though, is that before you get an injury from working out (or another injury), you need to build your muscle strength to avoid getting injured.

Have you ever injured yourself working out? How do you prevent exercise injuries?