Chronic conditions often start small, but end up having a big impact on people's lives. Through the use of BettrLife’s comprehensive suite of nutrition, food, and activity tracking tools you can proactively help consumers make healthy lifestyle changes. With features like comprehensive meal planning, nutrition-focused food logging, activity logging, recipes searches, shopping lists, and more, BettrLife easily integrates into an individual's daily routines and empowers them to impact their own health and wellness.


Nearly 80% of chronic conditions are related to lifestyle choices. BettrLife is an innovative tool that puts the power to drive lifestyle change in the palm of your user’s hands. By encouraging healthier lifestyle choices through nutrition and activity, BettrLife provides direct monitoring and engagement tools that enable you to track progress while providing encouragement and incentives to help members reach their goals.

  • For 2013, 29% of employers were planning to link financial incentives in their wellness programs to achieving specific health goals


Over half of American adults – 56% - now own a smartphone*. The BettrLife solution connects you to your members wherever they through our mobile applications and web based. The remote HealthCoach Dashboard enables designated health coaches to provide customized meal plans, recipe information and real time messaging keep members focused on reaching their health and wellness goals.

  • 19% of smartphone users have health apps

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