In past we’ve defined what is mhealth and what is health coaching. But who chooses to work as a health coach? And what is a CHC or Certified Health Coach?
Basically, health coaches have a variety of educational and professional experiences, and a special interest in health and wellness. Many coaches are also dietitians, nurses, social workers, athletic trainers, and, health educators. They are employed by hospitals, grocery and drug stores, medical providers, the health insurance or fitness industries and by mhealth companies, such as Bettrlife. I am a RD (Registered Dietitian) and CHC, employed by Bettrlife.

A CHC or Certified Health Coach has completed a specific coaching program and taken a certification exam, to earn the CHC credential. The CHC has to complete regular educational updates and further testing, to maintain the Certified Health Coach credential. The CHC qualification shows the health coach is “current” and “up to speed” with wellness strategies. The certification insures the coach has met stringent education, professional, and testing standards to be employed as a health coach. Online searches for “CHC” will lead you to numerous health coaching links to research varied programs. A few of the reliable, respected health coaching programs are: ACE, NSHC, Wellcoaches, and Dr. Sears’ Health Coaching.

Whether you are a client thinking about working with a health coach or a professional, thinking of becoming a health coach, aim for the Certified Health Coach credential!

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Joan Tompkins
MS, RD, LD & ServSafe Certification
BettrLife Staff RD

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