Everyone has heard of the Atkins dies, South Beach diet, and the grapefruit diet, but the newest fad diet that everyone seems to be talking about today is the gluten free diet. Of course this fad diet will probably fall by the wayside just like all other fad diets in a matter of time…except for for a small group of people. This relatively small group of people don’t consider eating gluten free as a fad diet though; it’s a way of life for them because it’s necessary for their health. These people suffer from celiac disease, gluten allergies, and gluten sensitivity in which eating gluten is actually harmful to their bodies. The increased number of people who suffer from these issues is thought to be the result of the increased level of gluten contained in foods today (an increase of 10% over the last 50 years according to an article linked below by US News). Some people’s bodies haven’t been able to adjust to the steep increase in gluten, however, which leads to a certain level of intolerance to gluten.

The increased popularity in going gluten free by the general population, however, is the result of a misconstrued perception that gluten free products are out there to help people lose weight. Contrary to this belief, not all gluten free foods are healthy for you just because they are gluten free. For example, there are gluten free cookies, brownies, chips, etc. out there that are just as unhealthy as the regular versions. If someone didn’t understand that not all gluten free foods are healthy, they might end up gaining weight by going gluten free as a fad.

This “fad diet” label that the gluten free diet has adopted recently may make some people who actually suffer from a gluten intolerance unhappy because of the negative stigma that surrounds a “fad diet.” However, because of the massive increase in popularity lately, there has been more research conducted on everything surrounding the world of gluten free, there are more gluten free products out there, and even restaurants are starting to offer gluten free options (like the popular Italian chain, Biaggi’s, for example), which has made being gluten free much easier today than several years ago. So, though the gluten free diet fad may have it’s negative aspects and will most likely die out soon, it has had some positive impacts on the gluten free world too that will be long lasting.

The article linked below by US News has a lot more information on being gluten free, the gluten free fad, and everything else gluten free, and is where a lot of the information from this blog post came from.